How much does it cost to issue carbon credits?

Below you will find all the questions about Carbon Credits certification, what you need and need to know, and all the steps to get the certification.

The certification cost of a carbon credit depends on the following aspects:

  • Methodology creation cost
  • Carbon measurement
  • Project application and detailed project description
  • 3rd-party validation
  • Annual verification
  • Commission on sales / issuance fee

You can find below the cost regarding Riverse certification process:

  • Methodology creation cost: 0€
  • Carbon measurement: comparative LCA ~4,000€
  • Project application and detailed project description: 0€
  • 3rd-party validation: From 4,800€ to 6800€ depending on auditor
  • Annual verification: From 1,000€ to 2,000€
  • Commission on sales / issuance fee: from 5% to 10% of sales depending on volume

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