Who are the different type of actors of the carbon credit market?

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The following are the various types of carbon credit actors and their respective roles:

  • Project Developer: An individual or organization that undertakes the development of a low-carbon project funded through carbon credits.
  • Project Proponent: A carbon credit specialist who can assist project developers in selecting the best methodology and facilitating the application process.
  • Carbon Credit Standard: A certification agency that provides methodologies and procedures for issuing carbon credits.
  • Validation and Verification Bodies: Third-party auditors who operate independently and are required in the certification process.
  • Carbon Credit Resellers and Consultancies: Carbon credit experts who advise Net Zero companies on their carbon credit acquisitions.
  • Carbon Credit Rating Agency: An independent entity that provides ratings on carbon credits issued to aid Net Zero companies.
  • Meta-Organization: Entities that define qualitative criteria for carbon credits and Net Zero protocols.
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