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A major environmental issue:

Digital carbon footprint is one the most worrying aspects of decarbonation. Currently accounting for 6% of global carbon emissions, its impact is growing at a double digit rate and could reach 20% in 2030. With more the 40 billion informatic products in circulation, terminal production counts for 80% of total digital impact.

The solution:

With teams made up of 80% of disabled or in reinsertion people, Ecodair, a general interest association, approved by ESUS, proposes a project that places the human being at the heart of the system, by creating sustainable jobs and giving a new chance in life.In this mode of circular production, Ecodair acts actively for the environment, for integration, and also participates in making IT accessible to the greatest number.

How you can help:

As mentioned in Ecodair’s status, all revenue should drive the improvement of the organization's impact in terms of refurbishing and employment . These 2500 Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to enable the deployment of these two objectives.

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