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A major environmental issue:

Fosseil fuels still represent 80% of the primary energy consumed in the world, whereas we should move to a fossil-free economic system as soon as possible.Among potential answers, low-carbon hydrogen is one of the more powerful , but efficient and profitable solutions need to scale to foster the transition.

The solution:

Renewables are the energies of today. EODev wants to bring the use of these energies within everyone's reach, and especially hydrogen as the energy vector for a low-carbon society. Their offer is based on proven, mass-produced, and economically relevant technologies.EODev main asset is GEH2, an hydrogen power generator, with the following characteristics:Reliable: running exclusively on hydrogen, equipped with the latest generation of fuel cell, enabling exceptional reliability and a record life spanEfficient: 45% overall electrical efficiency (vs 30% at best for diesel genset)Easy-to-use: user friendly touch interface and remote control optionScalable: GEH2 units can be parallelized to meet all power requirements.

How you can help:

EODev is made of a team of 60 passionate people. The hydrogen industry is still very new, and solutions need continuous support to become as competitive as fossil-based energy systems. The 1 000 Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to support the deployment of new GEH2 elements in France.

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