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A major environmental issue:

In order to reach carbon neutrality in 2050, we must double the amount of carbon sequestered by ecosystems, but also produce three times more ecomaterials. Forests have a central role to play, but they are caught between two contradictory objectives. On the one hand, to let it grow to maximize its role as a carbon sink. On the other hand, it must be exploited to produce wood, an essential resource for decarbonizing our economy. Worse, it is threatened by climate change, and its long growth time limits its expansion while we have barely 30 years to act.

The solution:

Horizom grows giant bamboo as an alternative to conventional forestry. We create bamboo groves in association with farmers. The objective is twofold: to sequester carbon and diversify the wood resource. Why bamboo? For its record growth. A bamboo grove is mature after about ten years, it can then produce wood every year and grows back naturally. This asset allows it to store carbon quickly, while producing high quality wood. Bamboo can be used in the construction, furniture and paper industries. Our goal is to create a French bamboo production and processing industry by planting 50,000 hectares by 2040.

How you can help:

The carbon revenues will be used to launch two plantations in the Southwest of 5 ha each. You will finance part of the investment needed to launch the bamboo plantations (purchase of plans, preparation of the land, irrigation system, labor). This will allow Jordan and Hervé, two young farmers who took over the family farm, to diversify and secure their income thanks to giant bamboo.

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