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Two major environmental issues:

Long-term carbon storage solutions need to be developed in addition to short-term ones like forestries. However, a lot of the current ones in development are based on very early-stage highly technological solutions that are still not competitive to really fight climate change. Moreover, the massive use of non-organic fertilizer pollutes soils in depth, and always contributes to more GHG emissions.

The solution:

Biochar is defined as "organic matter that is carbonised by heating in an oxygen-limited environment, and used as a soil amendment". Biochar's main chemical component is carbon coming for plant waste, and stabilised during the pyrolysis process. Put in the soil, this carbon remains there for at least hundreds of years. Thus, biochar is a long-term carbon removal solution.Besides, Biochar is used in agriculture as a soil amendment. It improves soil's quality: water-holding capacity of soils, better nutrient retention, acidic soils rebalance. The result is a durably improved crop productivity and the possibility to switch to 100% organic farming. Deployed at a global scale, biochar could remove up to 2 billion tCO2 from the atmosphere every year.

How you can help:

Thanks to more than 20 years of experience and research, La Carbonerie is specialized in high quality and unique biochar products, for agriculture and industrial usages. These Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to enable La Carbonerie to change its scale, and to launch a first fully in-house production system of 300t per year, next to Chalons-sur-Saône in Burgundy.

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