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Two major environmental issues:

First, nitrogenous fertilizers are responsible for a huge amount of GHG emissions. Second, organic wastes represent nearly 30% of our garbage, and are mostly incinerated for energy valorization, or even worse buried. This process is very polluting, the Grenelle II law aims to make it disappear by 2025.

The solution:

The goal of the Alchemists is to create local food waste recovery loops. The organic waste can then be recycled into compost to enrich and fertilize the soil. To do this, they set up their composting sites at the gates of cities, as close as possible to the waste producers and the compost beneficiaries. When they install each new composting unit, they make sure to hire people who are far from employment and located in the territory where they are installed.

How you can help:

These Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to enable Les Alchimistes to launch a local compost unit in Toulouse, producing 300 tons of compost per year.

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