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A major environmental issue:

Nearly 75% of natural gas consumption is destined for professionals (CRE study) and French industry is one of the largest consumers, particularly in the metallurgy, food processing, automotive, chemical and paper-making sectors. Indeed, these industrial processes require a significant amount of heat, often generated by gas boilers.

The solution:

Naoden offers a modular solution to valorize biomass waste for an efficient production of biogas. Naoden uses gasification, a thermochemical process, which converts solid fuels into a fuel called syngas, composed of hydrogen and methane, among other things. The syngas can be used in a burner to replace or co-combust with a fossil fuel (natural gas, propane). It is this principle of heat production that is used at the heart of the Nobilis solution. The combustion gases from the burner can be used directly as a heat source (dryers, ovens, boilers), or fed into an exchanger to produce hot air. The Naoden solution allows the creation of short recovery cycles since the deposits are sourced locally and the modules are installed directly at the place of consumption. Moreover, the pyrolysis process generates biochar as a co-product. Biochar is defined as "organic material carbonized by heating in an oxygen-limited environment". The main chemical component of biochar is carbon from plant waste, stabilized during the pyrolysis process.

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