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A major environmental issue:

Even if in common understanding, plastic wastes are widely recycled, it is absolutely not the case. In France, more than half of plastic waste is at best burnt to create energy, if not worse.

The solution:

Recnorec develops a thermomechanical process recycling plastic wastes that would be burnt otherwise. These wastes are first transformed into composite boards and the final material is finally processed by our ESAT partners for various outdoor applications: urban furniture, coastal or landscape development, etc.Unlike traditional recycling methods, this innovative low-tech process does not require any prior sorting or washing and therefore allows considerable savings in water and energy.The Recnorec solution comes after the stages of prevention, reuse and recycling of plastic waste. Our solution is the last line of defence before landfill and incineration.

How you can help:

Recnorec’s team is made of 15 employees working next to Paris. These Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to enable Recnorec to launch its first industrial demonstrator unit, processing 300t of plastic waste per year.

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