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A major environmental issue:

Steel and concrete production count for 20% of global worldwide GHG emissions. These materials, really easy to deploy and stable over time, are no longer compatible with our century stakes.

The solution:

Known for centuries, adobe allows the construction of healthy, durable buildings, offering an optimal comfort. Matério’s adobe blocks are made from raw earth and do not require energy-intensive processing. As a result, the carbon impact is 60% lower than that of traditional concrete. Even with naked, for example on a frontage exposed South, our blocks of Pisé are beautiful and will confer a single aspect to your constructions. Finally for the masons, our materials are simple to use and allow a fast construction.

How you can help:

However, the current cost of adobe construction, due to very small production units, make it non-competitive compared to traditional fossil-based materials. By industrializing the manufacturing process, Led by 5 ingenious people, Matério manages to drastically reduce the cost of the construction in adobe to obtain the least expensive alternative to the concrete of the market.These Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to enable Matério to launch its first industrial demonstrator unit, producing 300t of adobe blocks per year.

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