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WATTALPS designs, assembles and markets modular and high performance batteries for industrial machines (construction, handling, agriculture, maritime, logistics...). Their innovative solution to control the temperature of lithium-ion cells guarantees high performance and long life. In addition, their modular approach allows batteries to be reused in less demanding applications such as generators (generator type) that do not require high current delivery.The modularity and adaptability of the WATTALPS system allows the integration of high performance batteries in various applications, considerably reducing the investments related to the electrification of industrial machines. The BMS and the regulation system are designed and manufactured in France and then assembled with the Lithium cells on their production line in the heart of the Alps. The modules are then sent to machine manufacturers throughout Europe.However, fossil fuels - although very polluting - remain competitive and the electrification of machines very expensive. The carbon credits allow WATTALPS to develop its production and testing facilities in order to reduce production costs and thus access more markets and increase the competitiveness of their offer compared to conventional thermal engines.

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