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[b]A major environmental issue:[/b]The textile industry accounts for about 10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, and is thus in the top 10 of the most polluting industries. The cause? The production of yarn - 43% of the impact of the sector corresponds to the production of yarn, the transport - mostly from Asia to the West - and the destruction of phenomenal quantities of unsold goods (~500 billion €/year) caused by the fast fashion industry. These are the challenges facing this industry if it wants to meet its objectives and go beyond. And today the step to take is big, in 2020 only 0.5% of the yarn was of recycled origin.[b]The solution:[/b]Weturn provides a solution to the textile industry's waste of raw materials through a new logistical and industrial channel dedicated to recycling surplus stocks (unsold items, branded rolls, production scraps) into new quality raw materials. A low-impact, committed, circular and transparent solution for fashion players and their suppliers.Weturn enables the reuse of unused natural textile materials into new textile products. Their process is entirely mechanical and therefore reduces water and CO2 consumption. The recycled material is originally a distribution waste (unsold goods) or a production waste (industrial scraps) that would have been destroyed before.[b]How you can help:[/b]The carbon credits will enable Weturn to develop collection points in Europe in order to increase the amount of waste to be recycled and will contribute to the development of a recycling unit in the Paris region.

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