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Two major environmental issues:

Today, the world is confronted with two major environmental problems: the consumption of fossil fuels (80% of the primary energy consumed in the world) and the low recovery of its waste due to the cost of treatment.

The solution:

The objective of Athena Research and Innovation and its HNV project - Hydrogen New Version - is to massively produce totally decarbonized hydrogen by biological means. Moreover, this process, in technological breakthrough, has the interest to consume organic waste, mainly from the food industry. It is therefore a question of developing a circular economy solution that will enable isolated factories or ecosystems to become energy self-sufficient. These sites will be able to control their waste, their costs and their competitiveness! Hydrogen only releases water when it is consumed and will be an essential ally of the energy transition if it is produced in a decarbonized way. In fact, in France, about 1 million tons of hydrogen are produced and consumed per year, 96% of which is produced with fossil fuels, generating more than 11 million tons of CO2, i.e. 26% of industrial emissions. France has set an ambitious target of reducing its emissions by 75% by 2050. At the same date, McKinsey projections say that hydrogen could represent 20% of French energy needs for a production of about 5.5 million tons per year. Athena’s process will strongly help to reach these two objectives.

How you can help:

Athena’s team is made of 10 employees working from Nantes. These Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to enable Athena R&I to launch its first industrial demonstrator unit, producing 40t of low carbon hydrogen per year.

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