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A major environmental issue:

In Europe alone, we will have to recycle 700,000t of electric batteries per year! The volumes are currently equivalent for thermal batteries. These complex objects are both an assembly of dangerous products and a formidable well of reusable resources, provided we have the means to do so, by setting up an efficient recycling subsidiary.

The solution:

Be Energy responds to these challenges in two ways. First of all, Be Energy regenerates batteries, oils and motors, thus doubling their lifespan and fighting against the programmed obsolescence of sometimes critical materials with high CO2 impact. Moreover, their recycling solutions, when possible, drastically reduce the carbon emissions of the objects at the end of their life.

How you can help:

Finally, the whole logic of Be Energy is to create new jobs in a virtuous circular economy and strengthen the resilience of territories. The 2 279 Carbon Contribution Credits are emitted to enable the deployment of new partnerships to regenerate and recycle locally.

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