Our partners in the Voluntary Carbon Market

Carbon Management SaaS


What is Sweep? Sweep is a CO2 emissions Supply Chain calculator for companies to tract and act on their carbon emissions.

Sweep’s 3 strong points:

  • Ease of use: intuitive and performant calculation platform
  • Reliable: Use of real time data to give the best calculations on emissions
  • Tailored solutions: reduction of carbon portfolio taking into account companies’ supply chains and restriction


What is Sami? Sami is a SaaS and consulting solution to help companies measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

Sami's 3 strong points:

  • Simplicity: automation of data collection, intuitive platform, pedagogy
  • Expertise: Multi-sectoral (over 400 companies in all sectors of activity), methodology published in open source
  • Support: A carbon expert behind each supported company.


What is Greenly? Greenly is an environmental impact management platform for businesses.

Greenly's 3 strong points:

  • Simplicity: intuitive and interactive platform
  • Speed: efficient and reliable analysis
  • Sector expertise: accompanied by experts all throughout the process


What is Aktio? Aktio gives you the means to understand and act on your footprint.

Aktio’s 3 strong points:

  • Simple and interactive: easy-to use and adaptable platform
  • Multi-sectorial expertise: tailored advice and strategies
  • Efficiency: reliable and speedy expertise


What is Traace? Traace is designed to enable companies to concretely reduce their carbon emissions and accelerate their transition to a sustainable model.

Traace's 3 strong points:

  • Expertise: multi-sectoral advice and knowledge
  • Interactive: simple interface and accessible information
  • Efficient: specific and tailored recommendations


What is Kabaun? Kabaun simplifies all steps of measuring your company's carbon footprint, from collecting data to implementing your action plan.

Kabaun’s 3 strong points:

  • Adaptability: A platform adapted to all teams and all levels of expertise
  • Multi-sector expertise: personalised advice and strategies
  • Automation: APIs and connectors to automate data collection and calculations


What is Tapio? Tapio helps companies calculate and reduce their carbon footprint through a comprehensive platform and the help of sustainability experts.

Tapio’s 3 strong points:

  • Clear path: companies are able to create a clear and actionable strategy to reduce their carbon footprint
  • User-friendliness: the platform is easy-to-use and helps visualizing complicated data through simple visuals
  • Customization: the platform can be customized based on the company's needs


What is Envizi? Envizi automates the collection and consolidation of data and supports the major internationally recognised ESG reporting frameworks.

Envizi's 3 strong points:

  • 500 types of data available
  • Powerful visualisations
  • Easily-customisable dashboard

Sustainability Consulting


What is Greenflex? Greenflex is a sustainability consultancy to help companies decarbonize and optimise their processes sustainably.

Greenflex’s 3 strong points:

  • Tailored recommendations: every client benefits from advice specific to their structure and sector
  • Efficiency: timely and precise recommendations
  • Sector expertise: Greenflex has expertise in low carbon transitions, energy performance contracts and project management and financing assistance


What is R3 Group? R3 Group is a consultancy specialised in the economic and social transitions for small, medium and big companies.

R3 Group’s 3 strong points:

  • Diversified sectorial expertise: advised more than 280 companies from the fashion to the energy industry
  • Action- oriented: produce a grand variety or implementable solutions
  • Efficiency: timely and specific recommendations


What is ClimatePartner? ClimatePartner helps companies to develop climate strategies that suits their decarbonisation objectives.

ClimatePartners’ 3 strong points:

  • Evolutionary technology: The ClimatePartner Hub integrates a platform that allows for automation of solutions
  • Tailored solutions: takes into account the client’s entire supply chain and helps to implement a global strategy
  • Worldwide experts: global network for climate activity


What is SouthPole? South Pole develops and implements comprehensive emission reduction projects and strategies that turn climate action into long-term business opportunities for companies, governments and organisations around the world.

SouthPole's 3 strong points :

  • Concrete solutions across your value chain: a 5-step decarbonisation pathway
  • Expertise: 16 years of commitment to the climate, and multidisciplinary teams spread over 6 continents
  • Climate project developer: a key player in carbon finance, with a large portfolio of certified projects


What is Greenmetrics? Greenmetrics assists companies in measuring, monitoring and reducing the environmental impact of their digital activities (IT assets, usage, websites, marketing campaigns).
Greenmetrics' 3 strong points:

  • Innovation: a unique methodology, scientifically proven and certified by the Bureau Veritas according to the 14067 standard
  • Support: 360° support with recommendations tailored to each company
  • Simple and efficient operation


What is EcoAct? EcoAct supports companies and territories in reducing their environmental impact and achieving the net zero emissions objective.

EcoAct’s 3 strong points:

  • Strong strategy: Beginning to end strategy development
  • Efficiency: timely and precise recommendations
  • Worldwide experts: global network for climate activity

Carbon credit marketplaces


What is Ceezer? Ceezer is a platform to screen, purchase, and manage carbon credits for quality.

Ceezer’s 3 main strong points:

  • End-to-end visibility: monitor portfolios and track their evolution
  • Global supply: worldwide, diversified supply of avoidance and removal carbon credits
  • Direct interactions: buy credits directly from the project developers themselves


What is Cloverly? Cloverly is a platform for high-quality carbon credits.

Cloverly 3 strong points:

  • Diversified offering: carbon credits from various industries to suit any portfolio
  • Built-in transparency: carbon impact estimates are produced before every purchase
  • Flexible API integration: Cloverly's cloud infrastructure makes for easy integration with your user interface


What is Patch? Patch is a platform scaling unified climate action to set us on a path to a planet in balance.

Patch’s 3 strong points:

  • Modern software: interactive and understandable interface
  • Global supply: worldwide, diversified supply of avoidance and removal carbon credits
  • End-to-end visibility: monitor portfolios and track their evolution


What is Lune? Lune is a platform to calculate emissions, create climate action through vetted carbon offsetting, and future-proof business growth.

Lune’s 3 strong points:

  • Modern software: interactive and understandable interface
  • Diversified offering: carbon credits from various industries to suit any portfolio
  • End-to-end visibility: monitor portfolios and track their evolution

Other partners


What is Wearegreen? Wearegreen is a media outlet covering sustainability tips for everyday life.

Wearegreen’s 3 strong points:

  • Diversified content: lifestyle, sustainable and wellbeing everyday content
  • Regular schedule : 5-6 posts a month
  • interactive user interface

Climate Dividends

What are the Climate Dividends? Climate Dividends are a new kind of extra financial information, dedicated to actively decarbonising our economy.

Climate Dividends’ 3 strong points:

  • Unique framework for financial actors to value their virtous investments
  • Universal approach for positive Greentechs to value their impact in a new way
  • Robust and scientific measurement, reporting and verification framework

Solar Impulse Foundation

What is the Solar Impulse Foundation? The Solar Impulse Foundation is an environmental non-profit award for clean and profitable solutions, assessed by independent experts?

Solar Impulse Foundation’s 3 strong points:

  • +1400 assessed and awarded solutions in every economic sector
  • Free of charge and independently assessed award
  • Numerous additional services for Greentechs to help them scale and increase their impact.