We monetize environmental impact to accelerate the transition to circular economy

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We believe Climate STability is worth fighting for

We do not compromise on impact

At Riverse, we act with the highest standards in every aspect of our business, to maximise our impact. Our commitment to the transition requires full awareness of the issues at stake, constant scientific rigor, and respect for moral principles.

We rely on collective strength

The transition will happen collectively. At Riverse, this means bringing together the best carbon-negative solutions, virtuous companies to finance them, and relevant experts to implement reliable and efficient processes.

Internally, this means building a diverse and complementary team, and ensuring that everyone is fully empowered in their area of expertise as soon as possible.

We are resilient and constantly seek for solutions

While some people lose hope in the face of the magnitude of the environmental challenge, we choose to be strongly optimistic. We do this because we are confronted with promising carbon-negative projects every day.

Working at Riverse requires resilience, perseverance and a taste for optimism. It also means constantly looking for solutions, even when it seems impossible.

We are efficient and simplify complex things

We identify shortcuts to meet the challenges we face, without compromising on the quality of what we deliver.

We are in a complex industry, sometimes difficult to understand from the outside. We focus on the essential aspects and propose simple, intelligible mechanisms. We strive to bring transparency and efficiency to all our processes.

We are genuine and caring

We believe that the work environment should be a place of learning and development. We strive to build a fulfilling atmosphere to work in the best conditions to solve the challenges we take part in.

The testimonials from people who have worked with us speak for themselves. Join us and find out for yourself!

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Clément Georget
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Ludovic Chatoux
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