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Riverse is a carbon credit certification standard for Greentech projects in Europe.
We measure, verify and monetize carbon avoidance and removal of circular economy projects.

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We give access to voluntary carbon markets to impactful european greentechs

An end-to-end digital carbon credit issuance

Issue avoidance & removal carbon certificates and generate revenues.

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Our goal is to accelerate the transformation of our society as a whole.

A rappresentation of the linear economy

From a unsustainable linear economy...

The unstoppable generation of waste coupled with the ressources depletion and exponential GHG emissions is becoming a major global concern.

Transforming our economy

A rappresentation of the circular economy Riverse is aiming for

... to a circular model.

Financing the development of low carbon production models, with less energy use, material waste, greater usage and enhanced carbon capacity.

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Our partners

Our projects

GDM Pellets produces wood pellets for stoves, boilers and pellet inserts.
The Artois Uniterr site produces biogas through methanation, also referred to as anaerobic digestion. Here organic materials are decomposed under special environmental conditions to produce biogas and an organic fertilizer.
Vestack designs and builds low-carbon buildings from wood-frame walls and floor panels based on two innovations: architectural design software and an industrialized construction system. The approaches are implementing low-carbon construction models and replacing concrete for non load-bearing walls, and floors.
Mobius Reemploi put in place a process and production facility specifically to recondition technical floor slabs, addressing the needs for refurbishment or new constructions with products that have less impact on the environment.
Second hand platform for building materials and real estate
By giving a new life to computer equipment, Ecodair creates sustainable jobs and a new chance of life for people suffering from mental illness and far from employment. In this mode of circular production, Ecodair also participate in making computers accessible to the greatest number of people while respecting the environment.
Okamac maximizes the value of Apple products by performing deep refurbishing and repair operations for MacBooks and iMACs.
MBP offers a prefabricated construction solution adaptable to any type of building (individual house, tertiary & industrial building or collective housing), manufactured with sustainable and regional materials.
Spinning unsold items to make new clothes
Manutan maximizes the value of all company's digital products, in order to reduce as much as possible their carbon footprint.
Athena Recherche & Innovation produces biohydrogen from waste and wastewater from the food industry.
Regeneration systems for stationary, traction and starter batteries.


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