Riverse Manifesto: Embracing a Circular Economy for a Sustainable Future

May 27, 2024



Climate change
Ludovic Chatoux

Ludovic Chatoux

Chief Executive Officer

At Riverse, we are committed to addressing the intertwined challenges of climate change and resource depletion. Our focus is on promoting a circular economy through technology-based projects that drive both carbon removal and avoidance. This manifesto outlines our vision and mission, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive, systemic approach to creating a sustainable future.

The Urgency of Addressing Climate Change and Resource Depletion

Climate change and resource depletion are pressing issues that require immediate and systemic action.

Ever-increasing resource consumption drives greenhouse gas emissions across every step of supply chains, from production and use to waste treatment. Consider these alarming facts:

  • Atmospheric CO2 levels have increased by 47% since the pre-Industrial Age, mainly due to human activities.
  • Global temperatures in 2022 were 0.9°C higher than pre-industrial levels, making it the 5th warmest year on record.
  • To sustain OECD-country consumption levels globally, we would need 3.3 Earths.

Moreover, our current linear model of “extract, use, and dispose” is unsustainable:

Transitioning to a Circular Economy

To mitigate these environmental impacts, we must transition to a circular economy.

This involves extending product lifespans, reconditioning products for reuse, recycling waste into new products, and upcycling organic waste. A circular economy can drastically reduce production and consumption levels and their associated climate impacts. This transformation requires systemic change across the supply chain—from production to consumption to waste treatment.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Living and Technological Innovation

At Riverse, we fully recognize and advocate for a more sober approach to living. Technology alone cannot solve the climate crisis; it must be complemented by more sustainable lifestyles. However, in addition to sobriety, we will need to develop new means of production, where technologies have a crucial role to play. Innovative technologies are essential for achieving this sustainable transformation. These technologies need support to scale up, achieve widespread adoption, and replace the status quo. At Riverse, we are dedicated to facilitating this process.

Our Mission and Vision for a Circular, Sustainable Future

Our mission is to promote circular economy solutions and mitigate climate change impacts through carbon financing. We enable European Greentechs to secure funding by demonstrating their contributions to greenhouse gas emission avoidance or removal. By providing crucial financial support, we aim to accelerate the adoption of circular economy practices. This, in turn, will help us transition to a more sustainable, carbon-neutral future.

We envision a world where the circular economy is the norm, driven by innovative technologies and sustainable practices. This requires systemic change, collective effort, and a commitment to both technological advancements and more sustainable living. Join us in this mission. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.


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