Riverse Registry

ensures traceability, transparency, and avoids double counting for Riverse Carbon Credits.

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Riverse Carbon Credits (RCCs) are exchanged through the Riverse registry.
The Registry tracks each credit's full journey, from issuance to retirement. The Registry is open for all, to provide full transparency on claims related to RCCs.

Introducing Riverse Carbon Credits

  • Riverse Carbon Credits (RCCs) are credits issued through the Riverse Standard, ans traded through the Riverse registry.
  • Each RCC represents one metric ton of CO2 that has been either avoided or removed from the atmosphere. By trading RCCs on the carbon market, projects can amplify their impact on climate change mitigation.

RCCs fall into two distinct categories:

Removal Credits (rRCC) are generated by projects that actively remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Avoidance Credits (aRCC) signify the greenhouse gases that projects have successfully prevented from being released.

RCCs are the preferred choice for buyers seeking:


RCCs are backed by auditable, precise industrial data.


The issuance of RCCs via the Riverse Standard adheres to the most stringent VCM integrity guidelines.


European industrial decarbonization projects generate RCCs, aligning with the value chains and regional focus of corporate purchasers.


RCCs originate from projects poised for significant decarbonization impact within the next five years.

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