Standard Rules for European Greentechs - Public Consultation

Riverse is excited to announce that it is launching its public consultation for “Riverse Standard Rules for European Greentechs”!

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Versions of the Standard Rules

The current Standard Rules compose the 5th version, the previous versions were published with the following agenda:

Why it's important

For the last 12 months, we worked on the conception of these standard rules, which explain our methodology, structure and values when it comes to carbon credit certification and emission. We have recently conducted important changes to our Standard Rules to render them more relevant and efficient, enabling European Greentechs to access the carbon credit market. We are excited to launch the public consultation in order to collect all the comments you may have on the standard rules, so as to shape the standard to maximise impact on nature, people and climate. 

This public consultation aims to gather all feedback from relevant stakeholders that will benefit from this new carbon credit standard on the following feedback form.

Feedback form

The process

Decisions regarding the programme evolutions are made through the following process:

  • Riverse staff suggested evolutions to implement.
  • Riverse staff opened a public consultation regarding these evolutions
  • Riverse staff collects all feedbacks and displays them publicly on the public consultation page.
  • Riverse Advisory Board members decides by vote which evolution are implemented.
  • Minutes and decisions of the Advisory Board are displayed publicly on the public consultation page.

Moreover, each Riverse Standard Rules' public consultation needs to consult the relevant stakeholders of Riverse Programme ecosystem:

  • Project developer
  • Carbon credit resellers / Brokers / Marketplace
  • Net Zero engaged corporates
  • Validation and Verification bodies
  • Greentechs experts

The public consultation needs to be open for at least 30 days, needs to be publicly available on site, and every information relative to the public consultation results need to be displayed on the related page.

List of reference documents:
Riverse Advisory Board - Terms of Reference & Conflict of Interest Policy - VF
Riverse Technical Committee - Terms of Reference & Conflict of Interest Policy
Riverse Double Claiming and Corresponding Adjustment Policy
Riverse_Contract_certification_carbon_credits EN_example
Riverse - Complaints and Appeals Policy
Riverse - Know Your Customer Policy
Riverse - Detailed project description example

Our webinar

The webinar has ended, we thank you for your active participation!

You can watch the entire webinar by clicking the button below!

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