Insurance CCC funds

The insurance funds relates to the carbon credits that are hold by Riverse in the issuance and certification process. It enables the standard to have a buffer in case a project meets difficulties in delivering the emission reduction.

The funds is fullfilled by credits holds during credits issuance. At issuance 10% of the credits issued by a project will be automatically send to the funds.

During certification and verification, if more credits are issued due to newer estimated thus 10% of these new credits will also be hold in the funds.

When a buyer pruchase carbon credits from our registry the emission reductions are guarantied.

The carbon credits from this insurance fund could be used to replace credits issued and purchased when they were not yet verified, but the project met some difficulties. Then, the owner is proposed the exact same number of carbon credits, regardless the initial price of the credit, but within:

  • the same region (Europe, North America, South-East Asia…)
  • the same mechanism (Reduction, Avoidance, Removal)

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