Project developer process

Validation process

Step 0 - Check you eligibility

Please refer to the general eligiblity criteria and the eligible technologies before applying and starting the process.

Make sure you have a valid LCA or carbon footprint that enables a precise quantificaiton of your process/product’s emissions.

Step 1 - Project application form

In this first step of the process, we will ask you basic information in order to start checking your project against our standard rules.

Be prepared to answer questions regarding:

  • Company: website, country, contact
  • Criteria: Additionality, Co-benefits and SDGs, technology maturity
  • Emissions: Baseline scenario, project scenario
  • Provide a LCA or carbon footprint



Step 2 - Riverse eligibility check

Our team will analyze the information you provided and get back to you:

  • with additional questions (we rarely have no follow-up questions)
  • to schedule a meeting in order to discuss further your project and innovation.

After this call, it will be decided whether you are eligible or not, in some cases we refer to experts or our board of advisors, it might take up to 2 weeks.

You will recieve Riverse contract.

Step 3 - Project detailed description

If you are eligible, you will be provided an access to our platform in order to fulfill your application file.

riverse impact certification platform preview


On this platform you will access all document and information you provided so far.

riverse environmental impact certification platform


On the “Certification” tabs, you will have to fulfill all criteria answers.

On this tab, you fill find also all questions asks to your project by VVB or by our team.

riverse environmental impact certification platform for life cycle assessment


Riverse’s team will re-structure your LCA in order to fit to our standard.

We might ask for additional proof or precision in order to reach the precision level required for certification.

riverse environmental impact certification platform with nice customizable content


You will have to upload pictures and validate the description of your project for our registry and resellers.

Step 4 - Pre-certification of your credits

Once your project is completely documented, our scientific team will review the information and issue our Project Eligibility Report. This document will contain certification documents and carbon credits volume estimate for credit issuance.

At that point, we will issue your carbon credits that you will receive on your account.

Step 5 - Third party verifiers contractualisation

Riverse is working with a limited number of third-party verifiers (cf 3rd-party accreditation). In order to get certified, you will have to contractualize with one of them for your project to get reviewed.

Riverse will help you in establishing the contract. The platform will remain the place of exchange of all communications and documents.

Step 6 - Certification

The certification occurs once the 3rd-party verifier you contracted with has reviewed and validated your project.

The 3rd-party verifier will review your project against our standard rules, especially regarding:

  • eligibility criteria
  • LCA and data-model link to your project’s emissions impact
  • verification KPIs that will be audited during verification

Once the audit is completed and there are no remain open remarks from the VVB, your project is certified.


Verification is the process set up to actually assess that the emissions linked to the carbon credits generated by a project have been reduced, avoided or captured.

This verification consist in auditing the production KPIs linked to your impact assessment. It is happening once the project is running (and after certification) on a regular basis bi-annually or quarterly.

Please refer to the detail description of verification process to know more.

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