Validation, Verification and Certification Process

Validation, Verification and Certification Process 

End-to-end process

The overall certification process is composed of the following steps:

Step 1 - Eligibility  evaluation

  • The Project Application (PA) form is filled by the project developer to assess eligibility.
  • A presentation meeting takes place between the project developer and Riverse. The PA is updated by the project developer if needed.
  • The PA is either validated or declined, with explanations sent to the developer.

Step 2 - Pre-certification

  • The project developer is given access to the Riverse certification platform.
  • The Detailed Project Description (DPD) is completed on Riverse’s platform.
  • The DPD is reviewed by Riverse’s climate team, who may ask additional questions or request additional data.
  • If necessary, the DPD is sent to an expert for proofreading and review.
  • The DPD is validated and the project is pre-certified.

Step 3 - Third-party validation and certification

  • Contractual commitment is established between the third-party validation and verification body (VVB) and the project developer for the validation audit.
  • The DPD is made accessible to the VVB on Riverse’s platform.
  • The VVB’s questions concerning the DPD are answered by the project developer.
  • The DPD is validated by the third party.
  • A summary of the audit’s exchanges is attached to the project’s certification report.
  • The project is certified
  • Pre-credits are issued for pre-purchase agreements.

Step 4 - Monitoring & verification

  • On a quarterly or bi-annual basis, Key Impact Indicators (KII) are measured by the project developer and uploaded to the platform.
  • KIIs and their measurement sources are verified. 
  • Pre-credits turn into credits, and are issued according to the actual project outcomes.
  • Credits are on the registry and can be sold.

Step 5 - Credits claims

  • All transactions (sales, transfers, claims) are tracked on the platform.
  • As a project developer, you recieve directly the request from buyers.

Validation and issuance process