Riverse: New partnership with Removall Carbon

June 4, 2024



Grégoire Guirauden

Grégoire Guirauden

Chief Operations Officer

The Riverse Standard is excited to announce its partnership with Removall Carbon, France’s leading carbon credit specialist of carbon credit project development and portfolio.

Launched in 2021, Removall is a projects developer that aims to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere, by capturing or by avoinding carbon production. With 30 years of experience in climate finance, carbon markets, and project financing, the company has developed a unique expertise to offer high quality European carbon credit portfolio for corporates, through its risk assessment matrix approach.

Removall’s sourcing team has been assessing +10 projects certified by Riverse through their risk matrix, in order to include them in the carbon credit portfolio that Removall offers to their clients.

By financing more high-quality carbon credits in Europe**,** the two entities strive to create a virtuous circle, with European corporates financing more circular projects, thanks to a local and close to value chain carbon contribution. This partnership can improve Europe’s capacity :

  • to develop its carbon credit plan,
  • to drive more financing,
  • to reduce our European carbon footprint.

"We are excited to partner with Removall to drive more financing to relevant circular economy projects in Europe. Removall has a unique expertise to assess innovative carbon credit projects, and present them to their corporate customers" said Grégoire Guirauden, co-founder of Riverse.

Jérôme Beilin, CEO  at Removall, expressed similar enthusiasm, noting, "This partnership aligns with our willingness to promote a local, high quality and meaningful carbon contribution, enabling corporates to finance projects close to their value chain and operations.

A partnership that represents a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, including customers, project developers, and shareholders.

More about Removall

Removall is a climate impact company, specialized in developing and financing carbon projects worldwide.

Removall develops carbon projects, supporting biodiversity and local communities, and distribute high-quality carbon credits helping our clients reach their Net Zero target. With hundreds of projects in their pipeline, Removall have developed 6 projects and offset over 3 million tons of CO2 equivalent. Committed to market best practices, Removall focus on high-integrity projects.”

Removall Carbon Website

More about about Riverse

Riverse is the leading carbon credit certification standard for technology-based, circular economy projects.Riverse has developed a carbon credit standard including several unique methodologies, aone-stop-shop digital MRV platform, and a secure registry connected to tier-1 carbon creditsellers and marketplace.Riverse’s mission is to enable the financing of meaningful green technologies, to accelerate the transition to a circular and sustainable society.
Riverse Website

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Media contact Removall Carbon: Ellie Dana - ellie.dana@removall-carbon.com

Media contact Riverse: Grégoire Guirauden -  gregoire.guirauden@riverse.io