Riverse partners with Patch, democratizing the access to the broadest network of high-integrity carbon credits.

June 3, 2024



Grégoire Guirauden

Grégoire Guirauden

Chief Operations Officer

Riverse is excited to announce its partnership with Patch, democratizing the access to the broadest network of high-integrity carbon credits.

Patch, the platform that accelerates climate solutions with integrity, and Riverse, a meticulous and specialized certification standard for industrial greentech projects, are uniting today to provide access to high-integrity carbon credits within the industrial and circular economy sectors.

By facilitating the access to high-integrity avoidance and removal projects in such sectors, the two entities are enabling deeper customer engagement in meaningful climate action, aligning with the goals outlined in the Paris Agreement.

More than 10 projects Riverse certified hailing from Europe are now available on the Patch platform, including biochar, IT, and construction projects.

"We are excited to partner with Patch to showcase at a large scale high-quality European projects that contribute positively to our planet's well-being" said Grégoire Guirauden, co-founder of Riverse.

A partnership that represents a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, including customers, project developers,shareholders. And our planet.

Discover more information on Patch’s platform: patch.io and all of Riverse’s project on Riverse.io.

Learn more about Patch

Patch is the platform accelerating climate solutions with integrity. Patch builds technology to help organizations manage, sell, and buy carbon credits with efficiency, transparency, and rigor. Through Patch, companies gain access to the broadest network of high-integrity carbon credits. Carbon credit suppliers use Patch to enhance operational efficiency and precision, and modernize their buyer experiences. Today, hundreds of million tonnes of carbon are actively managed on Patch. To help rebalance the planet, visit patch.io.

To help rebalance the planet, visit patch.io.

Learn more about Riverse

Riverse stands at the forefront of carbon credit standards, passionately guiding Greentechs in industrial decarbonization. With its pioneering carbon credit standard, which includes several innovative methodologies, Riverse offers an all-in-one digital MRV platform and a secure registry that connects directly to premier carbon credit sellers and marketplaces. At the heart of Riverse's mission is a deep commitment to empowering Greentechs to scale effectively, propelling our world towards a circular and sustainable future. Riverse is not just about standards; it's about reshaping our planet's future with every action we take. Together, let's Riverse Earth’s destiny.

Discover more on www.riverse.io

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Media contact Patch: Katie Lyons - katie@patch.io

Media contact Riverse: Grégoire Guirauden gregoire.guirauden@riverse.io