Riverse partners with Ceezer, Europe’s leading carbon credit digital platform

May 24, 2024



Grégoire Guirauden

Grégoire Guirauden

Chief Operations Officer

The Riverse Standard is excited to announce its partnership with CEEZER, Europe’s leadingcarbon credit digital platform to provide easy, secure, and direct access to high-qualityprojects on the voluntary carbon market.

CEEZER enables enterprise transactions for negative emissions without intermediaries orhidden fees, supported by transparency, risk and quality data while Riverse meticulouslycertifies industrial greentech projects. Two companies with the same values who are unitingtoday to transform quality climate investment into high-impact climate action. In an incrediblyeasy way.

Currently, more than 6 avoidance and removal projects representing 15,000 carbon creditsper year have gone through Riverse’s thorough methodologies - including 100 years ofpermanence - and are available on CEEZER. Initiatives mainly focusing on bio-basedconstruction materials and circular economy initiatives.By facilitating access to these high-integrity European projects, the two entities strive toefficiently provide credit portfolios that have an optimal impact.

"We are excited to partner with CEEZER to facilitate the access of high-quality Europeanprojects that contribute positively to our planet's well-being" said Grégoire Guirauden,co-founder of Riverse.Sophie-Louise Elsaesser, Senior Impact Manager at CEEZER, expressed similarenthusiasm, noting, "This collaboration perfectly aligns with our vision of promoting impactfulclimate solutions and extending our offering to circular economy projects.”A partnership that represents a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, including customers,project developers, shareholders. And our planet.

Discover CEEZER’s platform at www.ceezer.earth and all of Riverse’s projects on http://Riverse.io !

Learn more about CEEZER:

CEEZER is a digital platform providing companies with easy, secure, and direct access tohigh-quality projects from the entire voluntary carbon market. With over 3.5 million datapoints, CEEZER brings transparency to the carbon market, highlighting differences in quality,risk, and impact of projects. By connecting directly with project developers andplatforms worldwide, CEEZER enables transactions without intermediaries or hidden fees.CEEZER’s customers are leading corporations and global companies that use the platformto centrally manage their carbon credit portfolios and implement efficient climate action.For more information, visit ceezer.earth.

Learn more about Riverse:

Riverse is the leading carbon credit standard for industrial decarbonization Greentechs.Riverse has developed a carbon credit standard including several unique methodologies, aone-stop-shop digital MRV platform, and a secure registry connected to tier-1 carbon creditsellers and marketplace.Riverse’s goal is to support Greentech scaling, to accelerate the transition to a circular andsustainable society. And Riverse the world’s destiny.www.riverse.io

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Media contact CEEZER: Sophie-Louise Elsaesser - sophie@ceezer.earth

Media contact Riverse: Grégoire Guirauden -  gregoire.guirauden@riverse.io