Riverse x Carbonapp : a partnership to support French industrial projects with a high sustainable impact !

May 24, 2024



Grégoire Guirauden

Grégoire Guirauden

Chief Operations Officer

Riverse is excited to announce its partnership with Carbonapp to support French industrial projects with a high sustainable impact !

Carbonapp is the only French independent carbon contribution project operator that advises and accompanies projects in all sectors - from farming to bio-sourced construction - to fully support projects financing. Riverse, the specialized certification standard for industrial Greentech projects, verifies these projects, thoroughly measuring & certifying carbon credits.

Hand in hand, Carbonapp and Riverse ensure projects deliver high-integrity carbon credits to optimize financing - and support the expansion of projects with a strong sustainable impact.Carbonapp’s tailor-made platform also enables investors to identity, finance and follow the evolution of projects in a seamless and secure way.

Currently, Riverse has certified more than 3 projects in several European countries, representing+50k carbon credits per year, over the next 5 years, with a focus on biobased construction sector.

« We are delighted to have partnered with Carbonapp to analyse & measure European high impact projects that are seeking financing to grow and make an even bigger impact” said Grégoire Guirauden, co-founder of Riverse.

We are very happy with this collaboration because Riverse offers very interesting methodologies that complement our expertise. In addition, Riverse is pending for Icroa, ICVCM, Corsia certification, which reassures high quality carbon credits byers.

said Nicolas Ferriere, co-founder of Carbonapp

A partnership that represents a win-win scenario for all stakeholders, including project developers, shareholders, customers. And especially our planet.

More about Carbonapp

Created in 2020, Carbonapp aims to become a multi-sector leader in sourcing, labeling and developing offsetting / insetting projects. Its platform makes it possible to identify, choose and monitor the best carbon offset projects. Our goal is to enable companies to achieve climate exemplarity status thanks to the carbon offsetting, in addition to their actions to avoid and reduce their carbon footprint. Based in Paris and Rennes, the team of 14 people offers global support to facilitate all stages of the carbon offsetting thanks to the best carbon offsetting standard like Riverse.


Learn more about Riverse

Riverse stands at the forefront of carbon credit standards, passionately guiding Greentechs in industrial decarbonization. With its pioneering carbon credit standard, which includes several innovative methodologies, Riverse offers an all-in-one digital MRV platform and a secure registry that connects directly to premier carbon credit sellers and marketplaces. At the heart of Riverse's mission is a deep commitment to empowering Greentechs to scale effectively, propelling our world towards a circular and sustainable future. Riverse is not just about standards; it's about reshaping our planet's future with every action we take. Together, let's Riverse Earth’s destiny.

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For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Media contact Carbonapp : Arnaud Sacleux - a.sacleux@carbonapp.fr

Media contact Riverse: Grégoire Guirauden - gregoire.guirauden@riverse.io