What inputs do we need to conduct the LCA and the certification?

During the certification process, we are likely to ask for the following type of information (not exhaustive, it will depend on your technology type):

  1. Any material input your process requires (feedstock, electronic devices, raw material, etc.)
  2. Distance between sourcing of materials and your location, as well as distribution distances (for textile recycling for instance)
  3. The type of technical process you are resorting to, such as: refurbishing, recycling, pyrolysis, biobased material construction and what it entails in terms of consumption (energy, heat, other inputs and waste generated)
  4. The end of life of your product
  5. Additionality (see What is additionality and how to prove my project is additional?)
  6. Co-benefits ⤵️
  7. Anything else related to our eligibility criteria ⤵️
Elegibility Criteria