Frequently Ask Questions

for Partners

Riverse is the first carbon credit certification standard focused on technology-based, circular economy projects in Europe. We issue science-grounded carbon credits from projects close to buyers’ value chains and geography.

About Riverse

General Overview

What is Riverse?
How long has it been operating for?
How does Riverse differ from other players in the market?


What products are included in Riverse's offering?
Is Riverse a reseller?
What are Riverse projects certified under “General requirements”?

Riverse Standard : Scope, Process & Eligibility

Riverse Methodologies

What are the methodologies developed by Riverse?
How can Partners collaborate with Riverse to develop new carbon credit methodologies?

 The certification process

How is a project certified under Riverse Standard?
How is a methodology developed under Riverse Standard?

 Riverse Standard certification eligibility

Which greentechs & projects does Riverse certify?
Can Riverse enable offtakes ?
How can I make sure our dollars will be most impactful?
How is additionality assessed under Riverse Standard?
How is permanence assessed under Riverse Standard?
How is ESDNH assessed under Riverse Standard?
How is double counting assessed under Riverse Standard?
Does Riverse conduct public consultation?
What criteria must a project meet to be eligible for Riverse certification? How does Riverse establish eligibility ?

Buying Carbon Credits

 Buying Process

What fees does Riverse charge?
Is there a minimum purchase size for carbon credits?
How can buyers and resellers track the impact of their carbon credits?
How long does the purchasing process typically take from start to finish?
What documentation is required to purchase carbon credits?

 support & Communication

What happens if a project fails to deliver the promised carbon savings?
How should we talk about carbon credits once we’ve purchased them?


 Standard Compliance

What is the Riverse Standard level of compliance?
How is Riverse ensuring the transparency and traceability of carbon credits?

Partnership with Resellers

 Rights & Access

What can I do as a seller on Riverse Registry?
Can I connect directly with project developer?
Can I develop new methodologies under Riverse Standard?
Can I access the registry through API?
Can I develop projects or support project development under Riverse Standard?


How can I access Riverse registry ? Are there any associated fees?
Can we communicate together?

Carbon Credits Market

 Prices & Volumes

How are carbon credits priced?


Should buyers move toward removals, rather than avoidance?