What is Riverse’s pricing?

Our pricing is threefold :

MRV by projet: Provision of the platform for the measurement, reporting and annual verification of each facility

  • Start at 7,500€ per year per site
  • This includes initial validation and annual verification by an independent third-party auditor accredited to ISO 14065 or 17029.

Final Validation Audit

  • Between 4000 and 7000€ (according to auditors) per project
  • One time fee to finalise the certification
  • Can be degressive if several similar sites / projects.

Emission price per carbon credit

  • 3€ per avoidance credit
  • 5€ per sequestration credit (between 5 and 10% of revenue generated)
  • Charged when credits are traded on the registry.

Ad hoc methodology development - To be discussed.