Standard overview

A unique standard to scale carbon mitigation greentechs

The Riverse Standard is Europe's pioneering crediting program for industrial greentech projects. It channels funding into projects poised to significantly reduce or capture GHG emissions within the industrial realm.

The standard lays out the requirements that projects must follow in order to be certified. Our rules and methodologies are rooted in rigorous science and designed to adhere to the core principles governing carbon credit certification

Understanding the Riverse Standard Certification Process

The five steps of the certification process strike a balance between rigorous scientific methodology and efficiency, ensuring project developers experience a thorough yet streamlined certification journey.

Step 1 - Eligibility  evaluation

  • The project developer fills out a Project Application (PA) form is filled by the project developer to assess eligibility.
  • Following a review, the PA is either validated or declined with feedback.

Step 2 - Pre-certification

  • The developer submits a Detailed Project Description (DPD) on the Riverse impact certification platform.
  • After review and any necessary expert proofreading, the DPD is validated and the project is pre-certified.

Step 3 - Third-party validation and certification

  • A third-party validation and verification body (VVB) establishes a contract with the developer for an audit.
  • Successful validation by the VVB leads to project certification and the attachment of audit summaries to reports, followed by the issuance of pre-credits.

Step 4 - Monitoring & verification

  • Project developers regularly upload Key Impact Indicators (KIIs) for third-party verification by an accredited auditor.
  • Riverse Carbon Credits (RCC) are issued by verified projects and listed on the Riverse registry, where they can be sold

Step 5 - Credit Transactions

  • Project developers handle purchase requests directly from buyers on the Riverse Registry.
  • The platform tracks all transactions and retirements of Riverse Carbon Credits.

Standard Certification Process chart

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